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Our International Medical Referral Services

At PolySalus, we’re determined to deliver state of the art healthcare services. And we mean it. We’ve partnered with Assist America, Thyrocare and Doctors Network to deliver the optimum at all times.

Compassionate Visit

Assist America realizes that having a family member or friend present during a health crisis makes everyone feel more at ease and can even hasten the recuperation process. That is why AA arranges and pays for economy roundtrip transportation costs for a loved one to join any member who is alone and expected to be hospitalized for more than seven days.

Care of Minor Children

In case of minor children traveling with an ill or injured parent, AA will arrange and pay for them to return home, with a qualified attendant if necessary, to a family member.

Medical Repatriation

When the member has been stabilized to the satisfaction of Assist America’s doctor and the attending physician, AA will arrange transport back home or to a rehabilitation facility under medical supervision if required.

Return of Mortal Remains

In the unfortunate event that a covered individual passes away while traveling, Assist America will complete the necessary paperwork, and arrange and pay for the necessary body preparations, shipping container and transport to bring the mortal remains home.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

If a member becomes ill or injured in an area of the globe (or Country for domestic coverage) where appropriate care is not available, AA will intervene and use whatever transportation, equipment and personnel necessary to evacuate that individual safely to the nearest. And the full cost of any evacuation, including medical treatment while in transport, is paid by Assist America.

Medical Referral

AA’s operations centres is staffed 24/7 by personnel who can evaluate, troubleshoot and make immediate referrals to qualified doctors and/or hospitals.

Medical Monitoring

Assist America’s team of personnel stays in regular communication with the attending physician and hospital, monitors appropriate levels of care and relays needed information to the member’s family or employer.

Prescription Assistance

If a member forgets or loses a prescription while traveling, Assist America works with the member’s physician and a pharmacy in the area of travel to replace the medicine. If necessary, AA will dispatch the medicine, when possible and legally permissible, upon request of the attending physician, or arrange for the member to see a local doctor for a new prescription.

Foreign Hospital Admission Assistance

In case of a medical emergency, Assist America will assist and facilitate admittance to a foreign medical facility and/or validate an eligible member’s medical insurance. If funds are advanced, the eligible member must be the source of the funds.

Legal and Interpreter Referrals

Assist America can make recommendations for trustworthy legal counsel and interpreter services in any country. AA can also arrange bail bonds in jurisdictions where they are legal.

Pre-Trip Information

To help make members the most informed and prepared travellers they can be, AA offers comprehensive pre-trip insights on its website. Members can review country profiles, visa requirements, immunization regulations, security advisories and more at www.assistamerica.com. The Assist America Traveller newsletter and Assist Alert emails also provide current security, travel and medical advisories.

Lost Luggage or Document Assistance

Lost luggage or personal documents can turn quickly from a small nuisance into a major hassle, restricting plans and affecting travel itineraries. Assist America works with airlines to recover and deliver lost bags, liaises with transportation companies to replace lost travel tickets and contacts necessary agencies to solve issues of lost passports and licenses.

Mobile App Services

AA offers Mobile App Services including Embassy, Consulate and Hospital Locater, tap to call feature, Service Descriptions, Electronic Identification Cards and Assist Alerts.

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